Recent Acquisitions

Louise P. Sloane (American, b. 1952)
4CBS. 2014.
Acrylic paints, pastes, and gouache on bent aluminum panel. 50 x 46 in.
Anonymous Gift 2016.2
The Heckscher Museum is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of 4CBS by Louise P. Sloane. Sloane is a gifted colorist, whose vibrant palettes are characterized by hues that are either subtly harmonized or vividly contrasted. The artist’s abstract compositions typically feature a central square superimposed on a composition divided into four quadrants. The dense surface is built from multiple layers of paint squeezed directly from the tube through pastry tips in squiggled lines that are text from poetry, lyrics, or diaries of personal significance to the artist. 4CBS memorializes the artist’s mother, whose memoirs Sloane transcribed in this work.

Sloane’s influences include Josef Albers and Richard Anuskiewicz, both of whom investigated optical color effects in their work, Color Field artists whose monumental canvases explore the expressive power of color, and the geometric abstractions of Piet Mondrian. The rigorous geometry of Sloane’s work relates to Minimalism as well, although her complex process, dense, layered paint surface, and reference to text belie the spare appearance of her paintings.


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